Friday, 23 October 2020


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The living dead of the Cyprus tragedy

ASCENDING the hill on the way to the Nicosia International Airport, the landscape is so beautiful it looks good enough to eat. After five years of drought, the heavens have opened up, filling the fields with wildflowers straddling the edge of the road, right up to the tarmac road.

Fragile structure of AKEL-DIKO coalition crumbles

NOTHING IS as it was any longer in the relationship between AKEL and DIKO after the results in DIKO's leadership elections. The crushing superiority achievedby the “Tassists” in all the party's collective instruments annuls the policy of equilibrium followed so far by DIKO chairman Marios Garoyian.


Petros Souppouris

“I want no vengeance,” says man who saw his family massacred

Today, the deceased members of the Liasis family, one of two families nearly annihilated in Palekythro village during the fiery August of 1974 will be finally laid to rest. The funeral of the other family will be held soon. The Liasis and Souppouris families, who came from the village of Palekythro in Mesaoria, lost most of their relatives when Turkish Cypriot extremists stood 22 innocent civilians, most of them women and young children, before a firing squad and shot them.

50 years since the signing of the Zurich-London agreements

Five seconds that decided Cyprus’ future

THIS MONTH marks the fiftieth anniversary of the London-Zurich agreements for the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus. With these agreements, Enosis (union with Greece) was officially abandoned, though it had been the stated aim of the armed struggle by EOKA. Cyprus had instead become an independent state, in which the Greek Cypriot majority was to share power with the Turkish Cypriot community.

A witch hunt over an imaginary play

THE ONSLAUGHT against the headmistress of the Rizokarpasso high school Lucie Lysandrou bears all the hallmarks of a mini “ambient atmosphere” campaign. Lysandrou came under attack because of a play that was deemed to be “treasonous” by Pontiki newspaper, DIKO deputy Zacharias Koulias, EDEK’s Giorgos Varnava, and Nikos Falas, the self-professed representative of Karpas refugees.

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